Buckeye Firearms Foundation's FASTER Saves Lives program poised to set new records

by Jim Irvine

I always intend to do updates through the summer as we do FASTER Saves Lives classes. There are so many great stories to tell, but I never find the time to write it down.

FASTER is an acronym for Faculty/Administrator Safety Training and Emergency Response. It’s a program started after the Sandy Hook massacre in Newtown Connecticut that helps schools be prepared to stop armed killers.

Colorado FASTER training kicks off in June; armed school staff to get skills in active shooter

Cedarville University trustees vote to allow faculty and staff to carry concealed on campus

Cedarville University trustees have approved a plan that makes theirs the first college in Ohio to allow concealed carry on campus.

From Cedars, the campus newspaper:

The policy, a first among Ohio colleges, “authorizes the President to grant permission to faculty, staff, and trustees with concealed carry licenses to carry a concealed handgun on campus under approved terms and/or conditions consistent with state law.”

Georgetown joins growing fraternity of Ohio schools arming staff to protect students

WKRC (CBS Cincinnati) is reporting that the Georgetown, Ohio school board has voted unanimously to allow trained staff to carry guns in school starting in the fall.

From the article:

Those who will carry guns will have extensive training, such as the training sessions that some staff underwent.

Ohio's Cedarville University nears decision on campus carry

According to a statement released by Cedarville University, a decision on whether to allow concealed carry on the campus is expected to be made in May.

The Board of Trustees took up the proposal after students and faculty expressed support through a campus survey and town hall meeting.

From coverage in Cedars, the campus newspaper:


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