Ohio Boy Scout installs FASTER Trauma Kits in school, trains teachers on use

In 2014, Buckeye Firearms Foundation announced an initiative to put a trauma kit in every school building in Ohio. Now, one Boy Scout from northwest Ohio accomplished that goal for his local school by providing kits and medical training to his local school as an Eagle project.

Nearly 1100 Teachers and Staff Members in 12 States Get "Armed" Active Killer Training

When an active killer targets a school, the standard protocol is to wait for law enforcement to arrive on the scene to stop the violence.

In 2013, that protocol started to change for many schools, with the introduction of the FASTER Saves Lives program, which provides lethal force training and medical response to teachers and staff members.

Arming Teachers, a Countermeasure to Active Killers

by Ron Borsch

As a retired law enforcement officer, in my second career of training police officers, one of my proprietary courses was Tactical 1st Responder©, the responses to Rapid Mass Murder©, which was eventually attended officers from ten states.

Having researched Rapid Mass Murder© by the random acts of active killers back to 1975, I discovered that the primary target of this type of homicide was educational facilities. For example, three schools out of 10 locations in 2016 so far, (with 4 planned but aborted).

FASTER Saves Lives receives state funding

Now in our fifth year of training school staff, the FASTER Saves Lives program is changing the way schools fulfill their obligation for the safety and security of their staff and students. The class is designed by John Benner of Tactical Defense Institute (TDI), who I believe to be our nation’s top expert on active killers, especially in school environments. It is taught by TDI and Chris Cerino of Cerino Training Group.

1st Time Ever - FASTER Saves Lives class opens to the public

by Joe Eaton

The FASTER Saves Lives program is opening a very limited number of spots in our July 20-22 class to the public.  Churches, businesses, colleges and other public areas are experiencing the same violence we have seen in our K-12 schools.  This 3 1/2 day FASTER Level 1 class will prepare you and your family to survive these most horrific events.

Created by concerned parents, law enforcement, and nationally-recognized safety and medical experts, FASTER is a groundbreaking, nonprofit program that gives you practical violence response training.


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