Christmas shopping and your rights

by Jim Irvine

This the season for family and friends, travel and company, traditions and new experiences, and for too many disappointment and loneliness. Through it all, giving and receiving gifts has become a huge part of the holiday season.

While many of us would like a new Barrett .50 cal, there are many other gifts to show you care, while helping to further our Second Amendment rights. I hope you find some of these ideas helpful when shopping for your loved ones.

Donations needed for 2012 Bash auction!

In February, we'll hold our 2012 Buckeye Bash at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Dublin, Ohio. This year's fundraiser promises to be our biggest ever and will take place during the nation's very first 2nd Amendment Convention!

We're looking for donations for our live and silent auction, including guns, holsters, optics, lights, tools, cleaning kits, range gear, eye or hearing protection, knives, gun cases, artwork, collectibles, instruction, or ANYTHING gun owners might be interested in.

Buckeye Firearms Foundation lawsuit yields more positive results: OGCA returns to Cleveland's I-X Center after nearly ten years

by Jim Irvine

The Ohio Gun Collector's Association (OGCA) returned to the I-X Center in Cleveland on October 15-16, 2011, for their first event in almost 10 years. The huge crowds that packed the show Saturday made it obvious that they had been missed. As is typical, the show was less crowded on Sunday, but a vendor I bought some supplies from indicated he was actually selling more on Sunday than he did on Saturday.

Ohio Gun Collectors Association donates $3000 to Buckeye Firearms Foundation

by Larry S. Moore

The Ohio Gun Collectors Association ( is the largest gun collecting association in the world. They are also second to none in the promotion and protection of our Second Amendment rights. The OGCA recently continued this tradition by presenting checks to the Butler County Sportsmen Club and the Buckeye Firearms Association.

Dave Spaulding Fundraiser for Buckeye Firearms Foundation fun and successful

by Larry S. Moore

"Be prepared to play an active role in your rescue" and "If you are not cheating then you are not trying hard enough" were two of the key points driven home by Dave Spaulding. It wasn't about the make, model, caliber or type of gun used but the mindset and skill of the person with the gun. The Buckeye Firearms Foundation fund raising seminar was held Saturday 8/6/11 outside Xenia, Ohio at the Greene County Fish and Game Association (

Spaulding set the tone in the brief classroom session. He presented the critical aspects of mindset and what it takes to win on the street. He next outlined the requirements of how to build the skills to win. Spaulding places a lot of emphasis on mastering basic skills first and then building on those skills. It was quickly out to the ranges to put into practice the principles discussed in the classroom.

While the above two themes, which Spaulding repeated throughout the day, stuck in my head, the coaching on the range sealed the deal for me. The class was anxious to get to the range and put the words into action. I can assure you that I was also somewhat apprehensive about the range time. Would I screw up? Would I measure up? How well would I execute the drills and remember previous training. Fortunately, part of the class dealt with the reality that the concealed handgun license holder is often "the moderately trained person." Switching from my sport of trap shooting and my passion for deer hunting with a handgun to combat tactics for street survival all employ different skill sets and even some direct opposite skills. In short, I am the person that needed this training.


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