K.I.D.S© - A Proactive Approach to School Murders

by Ron Borsch


Just as we have mistakenly treated the symptoms of a malady instead of the root cause, so too have we failed to adequately address the copycat root problem of Rapid Mass Murder© (1) by an active killer (2) in educational facilities and workplaces.

When the shooting starts, the "Final Option" for citizens is to run, hide or fight. An armed citizen in the right place at the right time needs to be seriously considered for schools and workplaces. Enlisting licensed volunteer parents, even younger grandparents to be "Hall monitors" in schools where they have a vested interest in the safety of their children is currently a neglected resource. All that is required is written permission from the school board, some vetting, and an extra training program. The present arrangement is the unintentional creation of a "Killer Empowerment Zone"©.

Law enforcements final option is armed intervention. While law enforcement has total control with their own response, it is beneficial for both the community and law enforcement to become partners in an advisory capacity with their schools and workplaces to assist in the development of earlier options and strategies to avoid the final option.

What is "KIDS" and where did it come from? KIDS© (3) is an acronym for the concept of a "Killer Inside Discovered Sooner"©. KIDS evolved from the pressing need to explore any and all early options to avoid the "final option" after the shooting starts. Typically in school murders the criminal is a student, former student, suspended or expelled student. The exceptions are facilities such as Day-Care, Pre-School, Kindergarten and Elementary schools where the killer is typically an outsider and where restricted entry is the most crucial. In workplace incidents, typically the murderer is an employee, former employee, suspended or fired employee.


For both schools and workplaces worldwide, between 1975 and the 1999 massacre at Columbine High School in Colorado, rapid mass murder events occurred on average, about one per year. Post Columbine to date, we are averaging almost four a year. 2011 broke the record with an all time high of eight (8) rapid mass murder events. Unfortunately, we are already on track for another record-breaking year. Of all the different locations of copycat rapid mass murder, +/- 60% are at Schools and Educational facilities. This is probably because juveniles and adults with "Numerous Unstable or Troubling Symptoms"©, (NUTS (4)), are more susceptible to the Copycat Effect (5).

While law enforcement in general is aware of active killers, rapid mass murder, and how they occur, your local schools and workplaces may not be. They may be confused and thinking in terms of hostages, negotiation, or organized terrorism when in reality these are not the threats they are typically facing. For example, in our 20-minute prerequisite for rapid mass murder, no hostage taking, negotiation or organized terrorism incidents in schools or workplaces come to mind. The cowardly active killer is indeed a totally different bird than a hostage taker.

Wisconsin Carry and Madison Five awarded $10,000 judgment against City of Madison/Madison PD

MILWAUKEE, WI - On September 18, 2010 five law abiding Wisconsin residents were peacefully having dinner at a Culver's Restaurant in Madison, Wisconsin. These five individuals, who were legally openly carrying as provided by Wisconsin law had finished their dinner and were preparing to leave the restaurant when they were unlawfully detained by a mass of Madison police officers.

Despite the absence of reasonable suspicion or probable cause of any crime or violation, Madison police illegally demanded identification from the men under the threat of arrest if they did not comply. Two individuals who chose not to comply with the illegal action of the Madison police were subsequently arrested and cited for obstruction. Two days later those unlawfully issued citations were rescinded and all five men, even those who complied with the officers illegal demands were issued citations for disorderly conduct.

Buckeye Firearms Foundation announced an effort to help the Wisconsin five pay for legal fees to fight the charges against them, to which BFF had already committed $2500 in matching funds.

Supporters responded immediately. By the end of the following day, more than twice the original goal of $2500 was raised, and on Wednesday Sept. 29, 2010 a check for $7,500 was mailed to Wisconsin Carry Inc.

On May 5th of 2011, the frivolous disorderly conduct charges against all five men were dropped.

Wisconsin Carry, Inc. a non-profit corporation dedicated to protecting and advancing the right of Wisconsinites to carry in the manner of their choosing, open or concealed, filed a federal lawsuit against the City of Madison and the five Madison Police officers who participated in the unlawful detainment and treatment of these five individuals. A copy of that lawsuit is available here:


Yesterday, a judgment of $10,000 against the City of Madison and five Madison police officers was agreed to by Wisconsin Carry, Inc. and our five co-plaintiffs. This judgment will be entered into the record of the Federal District Court, Western Wisconsin.

Christmas shopping and your rights

by Jim Irvine

This the season for family and friends, travel and company, traditions and new experiences, and for too many disappointment and loneliness. Through it all, giving and receiving gifts has become a huge part of the holiday season.

While many of us would like a new Barrett .50 cal, there are many other gifts to show you care, while helping to further our Second Amendment rights. I hope you find some of these ideas helpful when shopping for your loved ones.

Donations needed for 2012 Bash auction!

In February, we'll hold our 2012 Buckeye Bash at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Dublin, Ohio. This year's fundraiser promises to be our biggest ever and will take place during the nation's very first 2nd Amendment Convention!

We're looking for donations for our live and silent auction, including guns, holsters, optics, lights, tools, cleaning kits, range gear, eye or hearing protection, knives, gun cases, artwork, collectibles, instruction, or ANYTHING gun owners might be interested in.

Buckeye Firearms Foundation lawsuit yields more positive results: OGCA returns to Cleveland's I-X Center after nearly ten years

by Jim Irvine

The Ohio Gun Collector's Association (OGCA) returned to the I-X Center in Cleveland on October 15-16, 2011, for their first event in almost 10 years. The huge crowds that packed the show Saturday made it obvious that they had been missed. As is typical, the show was less crowded on Sunday, but a vendor I bought some supplies from indicated he was actually selling more on Sunday than he did on Saturday.


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