After Sandy Hook: Over 1,300 Teachers Trained to Stop Active Killers

COLUMBUS, OH - Five years ago, a 20-year-old murdered his mother, stole her guns, and went to Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut to slaughter 6 staff and 20 young children. It was a horrific event that forever changed the concept of what school security means in the modern world.

Gun control groups called for new gun laws. However, because none of the proposed laws would have stopped this event, and because new laws have never proven effective at stopping determined killers, one nonprofit organization chose to take a different approach.

News organization exposed more than two hundred Ohio schools' lack of armed staff

[Update December 21, 2017 - News organization removes web data on school safety plans after article]

Last spring, northeast Ohio PBS conglomerate published a two-part series on Buckeye Firearms Foundation's FASTER Saves Lives program.

Sandy Hook massacre – looking forward (Part II of II)

by Jim Irvine

Ohio leads the nation on school safety. We have the best law which states:

2923.122 Illegal conveyance or possession of deadly weapon or dangerous ordnance or of object indistinguishable from firearm in school safety zone.

Sandy Hook massacre – looking back 5 years later (Part I of II)

by Jim Irvine

It has been five years since a coward murdered his mother and stole her gun. He then went to the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut and murdered six staff there, some of whom died heroically trying to protect the 20 young children he slaughtered before outside help could arrive and stop him.

To the Editor: Schools Safer with Trained Staff

The following letter to the Columbus Dispatch editor was published in response to a Dispatch "news" article entitled "Why does nothing ever change after mass shootings?"


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