Boy Scout Eagle Project seeks to put a trauma kit in every classroom

In 2014, Buckeye Firearms Foundation announced an initiative to put a trauma kit in every school building in Ohio. Now, one Boy Scout from northwest Ohio is seeking to further that goal by providing kits and medical training to his local school as an Eagle project.

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FASTER Saves Lives: Who Will Protect Your Children at School?

by Michelle Cerino

Not a month goes by without a news report of an active shooter situation somewhere in the United States. If you look at the FBI statistics (which have only been updated to 2013), they are constantly on the rise. If only the police could get there faster, to protect our children at school.

Armed Heroes in Teacher’s Clothing

by Rob Morse

Another school shooting ended with low casualties thanks to immediate armed response

On Saturday, April 23, an 18 year-old coward opened fire with a rifle on students leaving prom at his high school alma mater in Antigo, Wisconsin. Two victims sustained non-life threatening injuries.

The media initially ran with the typical articles about how the attacker had been bullied, etc. (his mother told the Associated Press that she hopes the tragedy “shines light on bullying and how deeply it affects people.”), but the national conversation died out pretty quickly, mainly because the attacker only managed to cause the death of one person - himself.

School "Active Killer" Training Offered to Ohio Law Enforcement

COLUMBUS, OH - The Buckeye Firearms Foundation has announced its first Law Enforcement only "active killer" training class to be held on June 25 and 26, 2016, hosted by a west central Ohio school district.

The additional of this new class highlights the significant growth of the FASTER Saves Lives program just since the start of 2016. This training is being offered at no cost to any law enforcement officer, school resource officer, sheriff or other first responder who wants to attend.


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