FASTER Saves Lives: Buckeye Firearms Foundation reaching educators at statewide conferences

The Ohio School Board Association (OSBA) holds its annual Capital Conference in November each year. At the most recent conference, Buckeye Firearms Foundation was invited to host a breakout session on armed school staff. We also had a booth to talk to schools about safety and security and the option of armed staff.

Buckeye Firearms Foundation's Jim Irvine addresses Lake Local school board on FASTER program

(Photo by Kristen Norman/Sentinel-Tribune)

On Saturday, January 24, Buckeye Firearms Foundation President Jim Irvine and Joe Eaton, Program Director of the Foundation's Faculty / Administrator Safety Training & Emergency Response (FASTER), were given the opportunity to address the Lake Local Board of Education about the matter of school safety.

From the Toledo Blade:

Another Ohio school investigates arming staff to protect its students

by Chad D. Baus

In the immediate aftermath of the Sandy Hook massacre in late 2012, gun ban extremists sought to use the incident to achieve their legislative goals, despite the fact that nothing they were proposing would have prevented the terrible attack.

Sidney Schools' armed teacher program draws national attention as another Ohio school district considers same

by Chad D. Baus

Approximately one year ago, Sidney, Ohio school district went public with its involvement in a program offered by the Shelby Co. Sheriff's Office to arm teachers in the district.

Buckeye Firearms Foundation to present at the Ohio School Board Association Conference

School violence is in the news and on parents mind. This year it’s also on the agenda at the Ohio School Board Association (OSBA) Capital Conference. The convention runs November 9-12 at the Greater Columbus Convention Center.

First on the agenda is “To arm or not to arm” presented by John Benner of Tactical Defense Institute and Chris Wallace who is a S.W.A.T. instructor.

Monday, November 10
8:30 AM
Room: Hall D


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