FASTER - Faculty/Administrator Safety Training and Emergency Response

Everyone agrees that safety training is important for our schools, but in an active killer situation, the emergency response must happen fast to save lives.

This is why Buckeye Firearms Foundation has launched a program called FASTER to provide violence response training to teachers and administrators. FASTER stands for Faculty/Administrator Safety Training and Emergency Response.

Stop the Bleeding - School staff flock to trauma medical training

by Rob Morse

People are screaming and you’re looking at chaos. This is a medical training exercise with multiple injuries. It looks like there are, count them, four people injured in the parking lot in front of your local school. Some of the victims may be dead and some may be dying.

What are your going to do?

I watched two dozen teachers face that scenario during a training exercise. This is what they overcame.

Armed Defenders in the Classroom - Reality Replaces Myth

by Rob Morse

Training Armed Teachers - This Isn’t the Classroom You Remember

by Rob Morse

Who Says We Should Arm School Staff to Protect Our Children?

by Rob Morse

Solid facts are rare in the ocean of opinion about arming teachers. Allowing armed defenders in school is a polarized issue with plenty of passion. The legacy news media feeds us lots of emotion but they have relatively little data and analysis. I asked the best sources I could find if school staff should be armed to protect our students. Their answer was clear.


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